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Assessment in District 35

Assessment within our Schools:
Within the Glencoe Schools we use a combination of formative and summative assessment options to consider student strengths and areas for continued growth. We believe strongly in the role of the classroom teacher to gather ongoing assessment information in combination with more formal measures of assessment. In order to identify significant patterns of growth or achievement discrepancies, district teams will establish baselines for all data sources so that progress can be analyzed over time. Data will be analyzed by teams and considered with respect to student progress and need for interventions. District teams will share successful practices and strategies to support growth for our students.

Collaborative Decisions by District and School Teams:
  • Use assessment data to refine and adjust daily practice consistent with the District’s goals
  • Establish priorities for student growth and consider learning targets
  • Evaluate programs and services in terms of district priorities
  • Identify how students perform relative to local, state, and national standards
  • Develop professional development activities that enhance our ability to meet the needs of all learners
See the 2023-2024 Assessment Plan below: