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Parent Advisory Council

District 35 recognizes that family engagement in education has a positive effect on student well-being and achievement. In coordination with our D35 Strategic Plan, our administration sought to reimagine ways to communicate, connect, and partner with families. During the fall of 2022, District 35 launched a new opportunity to engage parent representatives and actively recruited parents to serve on a newly created Parent Advisory Council (PAC).

With representation from all three schools, the goals of the Parent Advisory Council are:

  • to provide insights and feedback for the Superintendent and district leaders on parent and caregiver engagement in school programs;
  • to increase parent and caregiver awareness of school activities and participation within our schools;
  • and to strengthen school-home partnerships.

The PAC members provide valuable insight as we reflect upon current communication strategies within District 35. PAC members have also guided topics and protocols for future parent education, podcasts, and parent communication at the district, school, and classroom levels. 

The following District 35 parents serve as representatives on the District 35 Parent Advisory Council:

Kim Brown  •  Ivy Domont  •  Megan Ferraro  •  Michael La Porte
Ayo Otitoju  •  Andrea Rubin  •  Catherine Stickrod  •  Gabor Szetey


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