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COVID Information

2022-2023 Learning Plan

Our priority continues to be the health and safety of our students and staff with an emphasis on consistent, full-dayin-person schooling for students. In preparation for the 2022-2023 school year, a district-wide Mitigation Working Group has been meeting throughout the summer to define plans for the new school year.

We are pleased to share the following health protocol information for the new school year. As with each stage of the pandemic, we will be cognizant of current conditions and are prepared to make adjustments to our plan as needed. The District 35 Mitigation Working Group will continue to review mitigation layers and share updates as the year progresses.

Health Guidelines During the Pandemic

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District 35 schools are mask optional environment for all, aligned with the CDC guidance. District 35 buses and school transportation is also be a mask optional environment.

We thank our parents and staff for the care, patience, and partnership you have shown throughout all phases of this pandemic. We ask for your ongoing partnership to ensure that our schools remain welcoming and safe environments for all students to learn and thrive regardless of personal masking decisions. As we navigate this new year, District 35 will lead with respect and empathy.

It is our shared responsibility to ensure we practice good hygiene and maintain a healthy environment for our students and staff.

Mitigation Layers

District 35 continues to rely on quality layers of mitigation to support in-person learning in our schools. As with each stage of the pandemic, we will be mindful of future needs and are prepared to make adjustments to our plan as needed. Our Mitigation Working Group will assess current mitigation layers and share updates as the spring progresses.


Parent Guide to Schoology

This year all our Kindergarten through 8th-grade students have been issued District 35 iPads and our teachers will be using several tools to streamline information and resources for students and families. Watch this short video for an overview of Clever and Schoology information on parent access to Schoology. Additional information on Schoology can be found in A Parent's Guide to Schoology.

If you need assistance accessing your parent Schoology account, please email