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Finding Leveled Books at the Glencoe Public Library Grades K-2

Did you know that the Glencoe Public Library has EARLY READERS color coded to help your child find books at their independent reading level?
GREEN DOTS- Are for beginning readers that need help with reading. Level Range- A-C
RED DOTS- Are for independent readers that still need some support. Level Range- D-F
BLUE DOTS- Are for independent readers that can read silently on their own. Level Range- G-I
YELLOW DOTS- Are for students reading early chapter books. Level Range- J- M
**Watch this short video on how to help your child use the 5 Finger Rule for selecting books at his/her independent reading level.

Join a Teen Book Mail Order Club

Nothing is more exciting than a surprise in the mail! Excite a teen with a book delivered each month. We’ve got something for every ‘tween’ reader, from true stories and graphic novels to classics and new releases. You can also select your own personal favorite titles - or the latest book in your child’s favorite series - with our Build-Your-Own Collection. A unique gift perfect for the 8 to the 12-year-old reader in your life.

Gift lit website

Middle School Book Resources

Don’t forget to check out Central’s CLC Fun & Interesting Sites for book recommendations that are just right for your middle schooler.  Included in the list are the Rebecca Caudill winners which are voted on by 4th through 8th graders throughout Illinois.  Scroll to the bottom of the Book Recommendations page for more links to websites that can help you find more great book choices.

Student Created Video: Why Should I Read Over the Summer?

Have you ever heard of the summer slide?  Are you being diligent about encouraging your child to read over the summer?  Please watch this video (created by Mr. Bauhs’s and Ms. Tolzien’s classes ‘18-19) about the importance of summer reading and how much of an impact it has on our students’ success.

2020 Young Adult Choices Reading List from the International Literacy Association

When it comes to engaging your young adult with reading, we know the importance of choice. We know that when children can select the books they want to read, with topics in which they are truly interested, they are more likely not only to read them but also to understand and to reflect upon them. With that in mind, we are delighted to bring to you the 2019 Young Adults’ Choices Reading List. Share the list with your young adult and let them choose their next book.

What Makes Children Read Independently

Tips For Reading With Your Child at Home-Grades K-8

Reading with parents and family members at home is one of the most important parts of a child’s literacy development.  Even as your child grows older and becomes more independent, reading together at home can continue to be an engaging and meaningful experience.  For specific tips on reading with your child at home throughout grades K-8, click on the link below.  Tips_for_Reading_with_Your_Child_at_Home.pdf