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Book List Suggestions

The Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) is a wonderful resource to discover summer book suggestions for 2022 as well as other engaging selections that represent a variety of cultures, graphic novels, gender identities, and social justice.

2023 Master List Rebecca Caudill Young Readers’ Book Award Illinois Children’s Choice Award
Students in grades 4-8 in Illinois have voted these books/authors as the most outstanding! regularly updates book list recommendations based on genre and age levels of readers from elementary to high school.

Finding Leveled Books at the Glencoe Public Library Grades K-4

Did you know that the Glencoe Public Library has EARLY READERS color-coded to help your child find books at their independent reading level?
GREEN DOTS- Are for beginning readers that need help with reading. Level Range- A-C
RED DOTS- Are for independent readers that still need some support. Level Range- D-F
BLUE DOTS- Are for independent readers that can read silently on their own. Level Range- G-I
YELLOW DOTS- Are for students reading early chapter books. Level Range- J- M

How Can I Help My Child Read an Early Reader

Are you looking for some fun ways to help your child develop their reading skills using simple leveled books?

Before reading the book- The Picture Walk:
Going on a simple picture walk with your child, before reading the book can stimulate their natural curiosity and spark an interest in the story.  By taking a picture walk with your child you are activating their prior knowledge of the book’s topic, discussing new vocabulary words that may be difficult for them to read and basic story structure.  Taking a picture walk is as simple as flipping through the book, page by page, without reading any of the words. ... More

Choosing Books for Independent Reading Grades 5-8

Students in grades 5-8 are administered the MAP Growth three times during the school year- fall, winter, and spring.  Unlike the paper-and-pencil tests, where all students are asked the same questions, MAP Growth is a computer-adaptive test that adjusts the level of difficulty—based on the responses provided. District 35 uses MAP Growth data to track student growth from fall to spring, annually, and over longer periods of time. MAP Growth data is also used to set appropriate instructional goals for individual students. You can use the Lexile Range shared on your child’s MAP report to set a starting place for book selection.... More