Sunday, August 9, 2020

District 35 Remote Learning

We Care for our World - Remote Learning for 5/11

Thank you for taking time to think about how your words and actions matter to those around you.

- View our learning resources for the day here.

We will leave these links posted for the entire week so families may access all the learning experiences. Special thanks to our District 35 team members, the Glencoe Sustainability Task Force, and our partners at Grow Through Mindfulness for creating the learning experiences for our students!


Please complete the ATTENDANCE FORM on Friday of each week to acknowledge engagement in the Remote Learning sessions for the week. You may include all children in your family on one submission. Thank you!

Tech Support

Please send any tech or support needs to Our support team will monitor these requests and respond as quickly as possible. Please share as much detail as possible to allow our team to support your needs (device, browser, website, etc.).

APP Status Page: Click here to check on the status of our most commonly used APPs.
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Remote Learning

On April 17th, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker ordered all Illinois schools to remain closed for the remainder of this school year. Like you, we are heartbroken that we will not be able to meet with our students in person for the rest of the year. This is not the end of the school year that they or we imagined. We remain resolute in our focus on caring for our students during this unprecedented time.
- Parent Letter shared on April 24, 2020

On the evening of March 27th, Governor Pritzker issued Executive Order 2020-15. The order was followed by the Illinois State Board of Education’s release of emergency rules and Remote Learning recommendations. Remote Learning is learning that happens outside of the traditional classroom because the student and teacher are separated by distance and/or time. Moving forward we will use the language of Remote Learning to define our educational experiences.
- Parent Letter shared on March 29, 2020

Class Expectations

Our plan for extended Remote Learning includes teachers shifting from focusing solely on reinforcement/practice of previously taught content to including elements of new learning. You will see our teachers balancing student connection, reinforcement of concepts, and new learning. We are also balancing digital and non-digital experiences for all learners.

District 35 Grade Level Expectations for Learning Time

Enrichment Options

If you are seeking additional ways to engage your child beyond the District 35 assigned learning experiences, please visit our ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES link. We will continue to add ideas that can be used by children of all ages.

FAQs Remote Learning

Will all classes be via Zoom?
It is not our expectation that all sessions are hosted via Zoom. Remote Learning has challenged us to rethink how we may maintain connections with our students. You may see Zoom, Loom, Flipgrid, and other online tools to support visual and auditory connection with our teachers.

We all acknowledge our students and staff crave the in-person opportunity for learning and community. As we support our students and staff members to feel connected and safe, we have heard from all stakeholders regarding the positive value of live connections in these difficult times.

Starting the week of April 27th, we are asking our teachers to offer three live sessions each week. A focus of this time is to support the social-emotional needs of our children. These sessions may include a review of weekly content, social-emotional lessons, or other learning opportunities. You will receive an update from your building principal with additional details for your child(ren)’s grade level as this will look different at each school due to the number of teachers in a child’s day. The live sessions are meant to supplement the recorded content, other videos, and independent work that students have been receiving.

Your child’s school day is designed to include a number of activities to access content such as reading, using online tools, researching, completing practice assignments, outdoor activities, watching educational videos, and creative experiences. Each building principal will provide suggestions for establishing structures and routines in your home to support academics and wellness. Should you have concerns or questions about your child’s remote learning, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher. We remain your partners in supporting your child in this unique learning environment.
Can I come and pick up items from my child’s locker and desk?
Based on the Governor’s updated announcement for the extended stay-at-home order, we will continue to limit public access to our school buildings. After May 1, we will begin a modified schedule for essential personnel within each school ensuring all safety precautions are followed. We will coordinate the collection of all student items from our lockers and classrooms. Building principals will communicate dates and times for parents to safely collect items on a scheduled basis toward the end of May.
Will the school closures extend our school year?
As the Governor announced on April 17th, schools are now closed for in-person learning for the remainder of the year. Remote Learning Days and Remote Learning Planning Days are being used for the remaining days of our year, and this will not extend our school year.

Each district is required to create and implement a Remote Learning Day Plan to ensure all students, including students with disabilities and English Learners, receive instruction, and can communicate with their teachers. Each district may use five Remote Learning Planning Days at any time to prepare and refine the approaches to remote learning.

• You may find our April and May calendar here. On May 7th, the Board of Education approved the June 2020 calendar. The final day for student attendance is June 5, 2020.
Will parents receive Progress Reports?
• Third-quarter progress reports based on all work completed until March 12, 2020 were posted to Family Access on Friday, April 17th.

• Our administration and teaching teams are working on revised options for the final progress updates for the fourth quarter. Below is a synopsis of what parents will receive at the end of the year. As a reminder, based on ISBE guidelines a child may not be penalized with any reporting or grading updates during remote learning.

K-4: Parents will receive a specific standard overview for the learning goals identified as a priority for exposure for each grade level. In addition, the classroom teachers will provide a narrative synopsis specific to each child and their engagement experiences during Remote Learning.

5-8: Parents will receive a modified version of the Central School report card reflecting the assignments and engagement level of the students. All fourth quarter teachers will provide updates to the students in their classes.
What if I cannot access the online assignments?
Students and parents may use our support email to share any tech support questions. Our support team will monitor these requests and respond as quickly as possible. Please share as much detail as possible to allow our team to support your needs (device, browser, website, etc.).
What is being planned for grade level transitions?
The month of May is an energizing month, typically filled with engaging and supportive activities as our students plan for grade-level transitions. Rest assured, our principals and grade-level teams are planning for student and parent versions of Project Welcome. Our teams are thoughtfully creating resources and planning for virtual visits as we introduce you and your child to the next grade level. Please watch for specific details for all such events to be shared via your building principal.

We know that the cancellation of the remainder of the school year is particularly upsetting for our 8th graders, who have been looking forward to the traditions and celebrations that come with graduating. The Central School graduation committee is hard at work planning a modified experience to honor the Class of 2020 and celebrate their transition to high school. Updated plans will soon be shared by Dr. Mollet.
How will my child’s IEP or 504 be implemented?
During Remote Learning days, special education teams will be making good faith efforts to provide lessons, resources, and activities aligned with student IEP goals. In addition, teams will be working with general education teachers, and parents, to ensure modifications and accommodations are in place to meet each students' learning needs. When feasible, in light of the current circumstances, the District will continue to follow timelines related to annual reviews and evaluations. Annual reviews will be conducted via phone conference following all requirements for documentation and collaboration. Portions of evaluations that do not require an in-person meeting will be completed. When necessary, teams will contact parents to discuss adjustments to evaluations and collaborate with parents on extended timelines.

Glencoe District 35 Mission Statement

The mission of the Glencoe School District is to provide each child with an educational foundation for life-long learning as a socially responsible member of a global society by dedicating resources toward the development of the whole child within a secure school environment.

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