Friday, August 23, 2019

We Care for our World

It was amazing to see the engagement and new ideas which were shared at our District 35 event on April 25th. West School students shared their STEAM projects and offered many new ideas to promote sustainable practice in our community. Our South School team offered materials as families engaged in the Not a Box activity and made wonderfully unique creations.  In addition we:
- gathered over 80 gallons and 30 quarts of paint to be properly recycled
- collected electronics and batteries to be recycled
- created 150 Birthday in a Bag kits to share with families at Chavez Academic Center

We have sparked our students and families to consider new ideas to care for our world. Many thanks to our community partners for sharing time to make our We Care for our World event possible!

Enjoy viewing the SELFIE STATION photos which were taken throughout the evening.