Sunday, August 9, 2020

Learning Through Theater

Imagination Theater Performs for South School

On Thursday, September 5th, South School was treated to educational, interactive performances from the Imagination Theater company from Chicago. Our kindergarten and first-grade classes enjoyed “Show Some Respect!” which focused on educating our youngest students on how to identify and exhibit respectful behaviors with parents, teachers, and their fellow peers. Students were given the opportunity to identify disrespectful behaviors, suggest an alternative, more respectful action, then come to the stage to demonstrate those respectful words and actions in different scenarios.

Our second graders were enriched by the performance of “Someone Else’s Shoes,” which focused on educating students about empathy and sympathy. While these concepts may seem difficult to grasp for young students, Imagination Theater brilliantly broke down what it means to be an “empathetic superhero.” This three-step process involves naming someone else’s emotion, imagining how that person feels, and most importantly, responding with a kind word or action. The actors performed different scenarios and asked the students to identify if the actions displayed showed simple sympathy or delivered the three-step empathetic superhero approach. Students were also brought to the stage to demonstrate how a sympathetic response to a peer could be enriched to become a more effective, empathetic approach.

Both assemblies were well received by our attentive South School students. District 35 would like to thank the Glencoe PTO for their support in bringing these unique educational opportunities to our students. We offer our students and Imagination Theater a well-deserved round of applause! Bravo!