Sunday, August 9, 2020

Colorful Conversations

New Lunch Tables Spark Colorful Conversations…

One of the improvements made over this past summer in District 35 was the renovation of the lunchrooms at both South and West Schools. Both lunchrooms were treated to bright, fresh paint jobs; new terrazzo flooring; eye-catching, soundproofing ceiling panels and lighting; and the most exciting addition: new, colorful, round lunch tables! The staff and students at both campuses agree that these improvements have already made a positive impact on the student body.

“I really like the new circle tables. I get to talk to everyone at my table now,” said grinning second-grader, Owen. Fellow South school students echoed Owen’s sentiment that the new tables provide greater opportunities to communicate with more peers during their time together in the lunchroom. Ms. Gibson’s class raved about the variety of colors which made the whole room “more fun” and helped each class identify where to sit since the students are assigned by class to a certain table color.

Over at West School, the fourth graders from Ms. Baad’s class identified that one of the things they enjoy most about the new tables is that “every day, the tables are in different places. It’s fun to come to lunch and find your table because it won’t be in the same spot as yesterday.” One student remarked that the round tables are superior to the old rectangular tables “because nobody has to sit at the end of the bench by themselves.” This statement perfectly captures the purpose behind these new tables: inclusion.

From our South School principal, Dr. Zonghetti:
“I would like to thank the Board of Education and Glencoe PTO for supporting us in creating an engaging and inclusive lunchroom for students to exercise their social and emotional skills. It has been such a pleasure to observe our students foster these essential skills that will surely last a lifetime.”