Friday, August 23, 2019

Technology and Innovation K-4

Fall Masthead 2018
Fall Masthead 2018
Fall Masthead 2018
Fall Masthead 2018
Fall Masthead 2018
South School Heart Challenge  Photo

South School Heart Challenge

Can you construct a heart with LEGOs and adhere it to the LEGO wall? South School students in Innovation Club participated in this fun and creative Valentine’s Day challenge!

STEAM Fair Photo


We are excited to announce the first annual West School STEAM Fair (in conjunction with the District 35 evening event We Care for our World: Designing a Better Future)! The event will take place on Thursday, April 25th from 5:00-6: 30 PM at Central School.  Please click here to read the STEAM Fair information letter. If you would like to sign up, click here to fill in the STEAM fair interest form.

While this is a voluntary, extra-curricular event, we encourage all third and fourth grade students to participate in the STEAM Fair.  Students may work individually or in pairs.

West School: January Innovation Challenge  Photo

West School: January Innovation Challenge

The 3rd grade Innovation challenge tied in with the study of Chicago. Students worked in pairs to design and build a rotating Ferris wheel around a central axis. Classes read Mr. Ferris and His Wheel by Gibbs Davis. As they read, students discussed the design of the Ferris wheel with special attention to the wheel and axle.
The 4th grade Innovation challenge explored energy transfer. Students used Little Bits to create an object that transferred energy to produce motion, sound, heat, or light. Students also explored Makey Makey’s to identify conductive materials that transfer electrical energy.

Hour of Code Photo

Hour of Code

West and South School celebrated Hour of Code the week of December 3-9. Students visited the Hour of Code website where they were given the option to choose coding activities. Based on their level of experience with computer programming, students could code using Blockly software, or write a computer program using JavaScript. Coding is continuing in classroom spaces and with the Innovation Clubs at both South and West.
Click here for links to the Student Favorites from Hour of Code.

West School: November Innovation Challenge Photo

West School: November Innovation Challenge

Nearly half of all food that is meant to be eaten gets thrown away in America. It takes much longer for food in a landfill to decompose than it does in nature. Rotting food, in a landfill, releases greenhouse gas called methane which is unhealthy for Earth. Students at West School became Food Rescuers by designing inventions that will help eliminate food waste in the West School Cafeteria. There were some very BIG ideas including a drone prototype and some very practical ideas like proper advertising and a fun composting game. We look forward to implementing some of these ideas in the West School Cafeteria.

Classroom Assignments