Monday, August 21, 2017

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school.  Please be sure to check our website frequently for news, updates, and photos.

The Top Ten Reasons to be Immunized

As summer is fast approaching and new physician’s physicals are being completed for the new school year, we thought you would be interested in the The Top Ten Reasons To Be Vaccinated

Concussion Law Takeaways

On September 1, 2016, Illinois’ new concussion law went into effect.  This legislation focuses on the required concussion management at the elementary, junior high, and high school levels.

We have provided “Concussion Takeaways

Welcome to my website!

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Concussion Information

Illinois approved a new Youth Sports Concussion Safety Act, Public Act 099-245. Within the legislation, schools are required to implement new requirements for training and response should a student be diagnosed with a concussion. Visit our Health Topics section on Concussions to learn more and see the District 35 resources.

When To Keep Your Child Home

Hi Parents! Here are some important guidelines to consider when you hear those words, “I don’t feel well; I can’t go to school today:”
When To Keep Your Child Home

Welcome to Mr. Pituc’s Website

Hello and welcome to my website! I am extremely excited about helping our students grow into 21st century, digitally literate and responsible citizens! Here at Central School we offer a variety of technology-infused educational programming that includes:

-the 2nd year of our 1:1 iPad initiative in 7th and 8th grade
-our brand new Innovation Lab as a quarterly integrated arts class (taught by Ms. Jean Dalleska)
-iPad pack classrooms in 5th and 6th grade for group projects and collaboration
-3D printers
-iPadcasters to record video for student projects

I value collaboration and communication with parents and students so please feel free to contact me via email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or contact me by phone at: (847) 835-7600 VM: 7612 if you have any questions or concerns.

In partnership,

Walter Pituc
Technology Integration Specialist

New Website

Welcome to the new class website. Look here for pictures, videos, great links to other websites, and information about upcoming events. South School

Welcome to the website!!!

Welcome, parents!  Please feel free to use the “useful links” section for great websites promoting literacy, math, and more!  Click above to view your options.

Bienvenidos- Welcome

¡Hola! Please take some time to explore the West School Spanish website for useful links and videos to practice Spanish outside of the classroom. For additional resources and information please email me, Señorita Evans.
¡Que tengan un buen año!

In art students will…

- Maximize creative and critical thinking skills through projects that challenge them to problem solve.

- Develop skills of observation, communication and respect for the opinions of others.

- Be encouraged to take learning risks.

- Have the opportunity to explore different media and techniques to create original and unique works of art.

Required Medical Forms

Please note the following medical record requirements for public schools. Should you have questions, please call the school nurse.

All children in kindergarten, sixth grade and new to the district must provide the school with documentation of a completed health exam within 1 year prior to the start of the school year. 
NEW - All children entering sixth grade, seventh grade, and eighth grade are required to provide proof of Tdap vaccination along with the school physical forms. Read the Tdap information here. Additionally, students entering 6th grade must show proof of 1 dose of meningococcal conjugate vaccination (MCV) on or after 11 years of age. Students entering Kindergarten, sixth grade, or ninth grade are required to show proof of receiving two doses of chickenpox vaccine (varicella), the first received on or after their first birthday and the second dose no less than four weeks (28 days) after the first does. A physician can confirm past history of the disease – in lieu of vaccination – by having examined the infected child, documenting the parent’s description of the child’s history, or reviewing lab results. All forms must be turned in by October 15th. Download the HEALTH EXAM form here.

All children in 7th and 8th grade who will be participating in an interscholastic sports program must provide the school with documentation of a completed health exam.  This form must be updated annually. Download the SPORTS HEALTH EXAM form here.

All children in kindergarten, second and sixth grade must provide the school with documentation of a completed dental exam within 18 months prior to May 15th deadline. All forms must be turned in by May 15th. Download the DENTAL EXAM form here. If you request a waiver from the dental requirement, please use this DENTAL EXAM WAIVER form.

Illinois law requires proof of an eye examination by an optometrist or physician who provides complete eye exams be submitted as a child enters kindergarten or is new to an Illinois school. The exam must be completed within one year prior to your child beginning school. All forms must be turned in by October 15th. Download the EYE EXAM form here.

Visit our Health Topic Section on Immunizations to learn more.

New Student Orientation

Central School welcomes our new students!

Welcome to Central School and the Glencoe Community!  We are so glad you are here.  We hope that you have enjoyed your summer and are beginning to settle into your new surroundings.  Before the school year gets underway, we would like to invite you to a meet and greet at Central School on August 24, 2017 at 2:00-3:00 pm.  This will give you a chance to tour the school, ask any questions that you might have, and meet fellow students who are new to Central as well.

Please RSVP by August 21, 2017 to Heather Olson (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) or Jason Glassman (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)).

We hope to see you there!

Mrs. Olson (5th & 7th grade School Social Worker)
Mr. Glassman (6th & 8th grade School Social Worker)

Social Work Services

Social work counseling is offered to students who are struggling with social or emotional issues that may be interfering with academic success. Any Central School student is eligible for social work services. Each of our social workers is assigned two grade levels. The grade level assignments rotate every year so that each student will have access to the same social worker all four years.

Difficulties may include:

- Peer relationship issues
- Family stress (divorce, loss, etc.)
- Motivational problems
- Self-esteem concerns
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Difficulty concentrating
- or any other issues that may be interfering with academic success

The social workers visit each advisory classroom at the beginning of the school year to introduce themselves, or in most cases re-introduce themselves to the students and explain how to access social work services as well as the types of situations that would typically require social work support. Students are encouraged to seek out social work support for additional assistance problem solving or coping with any given situation that is distracting them from their academic responsibilities.

Students may be referred for social work services by:

- Parents
- Teachers
- Principal/Asst. Principal
- Themselves

For more information, please contact:

Jason Glassman (5th & 7th grade)
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Heather Olson (6th & 8th grade)
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Amy Langendorf (District wide)
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Volunteer and Mystery Reader Sign-ups

Please consider volunteering in our classroom this year. 

Click to sign up to volunteer by clicking HERE.  The room parents and I will use the sign up form to help us when we need volunteers. 

You can also sign up to be a mystery reader by clicking HERE.

Thank you for helping this year!

Middle School Book Resources

Don’t forget to check out Central’s CLC Fun & Interesting SItes for book recommendations that are just right for your middle schooler.  Included in the list are the Rebecca Caudill winners which are voted on by 4th through 8th graders throughout Illinois.  Scroll to the bottom of the Book Recommendations page for more links to websites that can help you find more great book choices.

Student Created Video: Why Should I Read Over the Summer?

Have you ever heard of the summer slide?  Are you being diligent about encouraging your child to read over the summer?  Please watch this video (created by Mrs. DIerolf’s 5th grade class ‘16-’17) about the importance of summer reading and how much of an impact it has on our students’ success.
student created video

Two Wonderful Tech Tools That make Summer Reading Fun!

This interactive current events app features five high-interest news stories from around the world every day. Colorful photographs, interactive maps, video snippets, and a “read-to-me” option add to the fun! The news stories are child appropriate and best suited for children between the ages of 7-12. They are from serious to just plain wacky! Kids will look forward to reading their news everyday!

Epic is an all you can read ebook library that kids can use to read from any device! It offers a huge array of titles as well as a variety of options for keeping track of reading stats, like time spent reading and books read. The first month is free!

Plastic Recycling

As usual West School participated in the Trex Challenge. Students learned about plastic film and bag recycling. West students collected 866 pounds of plastic between November and April. That’s a lot of plastic saved from the landfills!

Green Club Solar Pizza Box Ovens

Did you know that you can directly use solar power to cook food? This can be done using a solar oven, which is an ecologically friendly technology. Students watched a video about using the sun for power. They then made their own oven out of recycled pizza boxes.

Recycled Snack Bag Coin Purse

Take an empty chip/snack bag and turn it into a cool coin purse! All you need is a bag, a little duct tape, and a little velcro. That’s what the Green Club did! Some students are planning on using them as a green Mother’s Day gift.

2017 Children’s, Teacher’s, & Young Adult’s Choices Reading List

When it comes to engaging your child with reading, we know the importance of choice. We know that when children can select the books they want to read, with topics in which they are truly interested, they are more likely not only to read them, but also to understand and to reflect upon them. With that in mind, we are delighted to bring to you the 2017 Choices Reading Lists—Children’s Choices, Teachers’ Choices, and Young Adults’ Choices. These highly anticipated lists come just in time, whether you’re looking to squeeze in some summer reading with your children, or to build up your home library.

Childrens’, Teachers’ and Young Adults’ Choices Reading Lists

Arbor Day

West School’s Green Club helped Village Arborist, John Houde, plant a Baldcypress tree in celebration of Arbor Day. Third graders, Mira and Oliver presented reports on the history of Arbor day and Lindsey recited an original poem about trees. All club members helped Dr. Rongey hoist the Arbor Day flag in front of West School. In addition to helping the environment, annual Arbor Day ceremonies help the Village maintain status as a Tree City USA.

Trading Tuesday Toy Exchange

This was a great opportunity to de-clutter games and toys and keep them out of landfills. Students who choose to participate brought in a gently used toy or game. After lunch students selected a different item to take home.

April 24 Green Club

Spring is here and soon wildflowers will be popping up in front of West School thanks to the Green Club members. The three gardens were sown with a mix of native wildflowers that will help the bees and other wildlife.

April 10th Green Club

Our students are on a mission to recycle plastic film for the #TrexRecyclingChallenge. The Green Club collected 110 lbs of plastic at their April 10th meeting.  Think beyond the bag when it comes to recycling plastic! Help our students collect polyethylene to win the #TrexRecyclingChallenge! In addition to plastic grocery and retail bags, you can recycle bread bags, newspaper sleeves, bubble wrap and more. Check out the full list of plastic items at, and support our students by dropping off your recyclables at West.

Electricity Projects

Click on the link to see photos from our electricity project presentations!  We made a movie theater, Hogwarts Castle, a rainbow theater, Times Square, Rainforest Cafe, a bakery and a clock store! 

Soda Bottle Terrariums

The Green Team learned about water cycles and used a recycled soda bottle to create a terrarium. We learned that a scientists has a terrarium that he has not had to open or water for 40 years! We planted ours with miniature basil and thyme seeds.

Green Club Valentines

In honor of Valentines Day, club members repurposed paint color swatches into festive bookmarks.  Students also used recycled paper to create cards for their special valentines.


Students use a variety of robots and programming capabilities.

LEGO EV3 Robots

Students build and program LEGO robots.


Students create and play their own video games with Bloxels!

Students Reimagine Post-It Wars

Students create digital art based on the popular Post-It Wars implemented in NYC building windows.

Makey, Makey and Scratch

Students use Makey, Makey and Scratch programming to play a musical piano!

3D Printing

Students are designing and editing .stl files, and printing with the Dremel Idea Builder printer.

Animoto by Jade and Rex

Full of photos from our last two weeks together!

A video by James and Elizabeth! 

Created on February 2nd!

Thatcher and Rex’s Animoto Video! 

Created on January 20th!

Animoto by Anna and Michelle

Photos from the last week of December and the first week of January!

Cradles to Crayons Give Back

Please send donations of new socks and underwear in kid sizes to help support the Cradle to Crayons organization. We will be visiting them on Feb. 23rd. to help them with their cause of aiding kids and families in need.

Ice Skating

What fun and great weather we had at ice skating!  Mr. Short taught novices and experts alike some new tricks.  Please check the gallery for new photos!

Happy New Year 2017

We welcome Beatrice to our class in this new year!

South Innovation Night

The South School CLC is proud to announce our newest learning space, The Innovation Station.
Join us on your grade level night to explore our new Innovation Station with your family. The second grade Innovation Night on October 25th was a huge success! If you missed it, feel free to attend an upcoming night.

First Grade families: January 19 5:30-6:30pm
Kindergarten families: March 16 5:30-6:30pm

Innovation Club

The Innovation Club is a new option for South and West students this year. Students at South worked on problem-solving projects, the LEGO wall, and working in teams to complete challenges. West students took ownership of their own ideas and created projects. These projects ranged from creating a miniature car that drives to finger knitting.

Kindergarten Codes

Our youngest friends were introduced to coding! We learned how to code animals in the Scratch Jr. app. Students used blocky coding software to create scenes with a beginning, middle, and end. The students were engaged, motivated, and excited. We had a blast!

Hour of Code

West and South School celebrated Hour of Code the week of December 5-9. It was a huge success! Students visited the website where they were given the option to choose from three coding activities. Based on their level of experience with computer programming, students could code using Blockly software, or write a computer program using JavaScript. Coding is continuing in classroom spaces and with the before school coding club at both South and West.

STEM House

A second grade classroom participated in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) project. The students read different versions of The Three Little Pigs. Then, they wrote and illustrated their own version of the story. Finally, they designed and built a house for the pigs using popsicle sticks, play-doh, gum drops, toothpicks, paper, and glue/tape. We used a blow dryer (Big Bad Wolf) to try and blow their house down. Lastly, the groups created videos in iMovie to share their work! Check out one of the videos here.

6th Grade Inquiry Project and Google Search Tips

As we start the new year, 6th grade will be participating in an Inquiry Project. This will be a chance for students to research, learn, and ask questions about an issue or topic that interests them! Doing so will prepare our students to be lifelong, inquisitive learners and help them become critical thinking citizens. I will be partnering with CLC Director, Susan Meyer, in facilitating the research and technology components of the project.

Parents, if you are looking for resources to help sharpen those online researching skills, Google A Day is an excellent research skill activity to do with your child.

Teachers, if you are looking for ideas on how to incorporate digital literacy and online searching skills in your class, Google has a plethora of lesson plans and online searching tips.

As always, I am available to assist students, parents, and fellow staff - feel free to send me an email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Green Your Holidays

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rejoice! The holidays are special, but this year’s festivities don’t have to negatively impact our environment. There are a number of measures that all of us can take to lessen the amount of trash we produce.

Please click here for holiday tips.

Green Club Gives Back

The Green Club activity for 12/12 was a combined opportunity for service learning and to practice reusing. We used recycled materials to make festive gift bags filled with repurposed hotel toiletries. The bags will be donated to a shelter in time for the holidays.

Our Field Trip to the Chicago History Museum

On Tuesday, December 6 our class went to the Chicago History Museum.  We were all so excited to see some of the artifacts that we have been learning about in the classroom.  We spent time walking around the exhibits.  We loved seeing Lincoln’s carriage and death bed.  We also enjoyed our classroom experience and learning more about the World’s Columbian Exposition. Everyone had a great time and learned so much about the Second City!


We had a great time leading up to Thanksgiving!  First, we read the book A Plump and Perky Turkey by Teresa Bateman.  Based off the book, we wrote plans to catch our own Thanksgiving turkeys, and we made turkey art in the Innovation Station of the CLC (see Gallery tab for more.)  Then we decorated our bulletin board with turkey feathers showing what we are all thankful for this time of year.  We also learned the story of the First Thanksgiving.  Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

A Digital Citizen

Recently in CLC, West School students learned what it means to be a digital citizen. A digital citizen is a member of a worldwide community linked by the Internet. Students learned a good digital citizen is someone who acts safely, responsible, and respectfully online. All West students will sign a digital citizenship pledge, pledging to:

- Communicate responsibly and kindly with one anther.
- Protect our own and other’s private information.
- Stand up to cyberbullying.
- Respect each other’s ideas and opinions.
- Give proper credit when we use others work.
- Talk to our parents or another trusted adult when we have questions about the things we see or do online.

Please visit the West School website or the Internet safety web page to locate the Internet Safety Newsletter for more information and resource.

Let’s Talk Turkey

On November 21st, the Green Club worked on making their Thanksgiving Green. We made popcorn filled Turkey centerpieces out of recycled paper bags, and recycled paper. Happy Thanksgiving!

Animoto by James and Tanner

Tanner and James made an Animoto video to recap the past two weeks in room 146!



The Peopling of the United States

Our class taught each other chapter 3 of our Social Studies curriculum.  Groups of 4-5 students each studied a different group of people who make up our country, and taught their classmates about that group’s settlement story and contributions.  We learned about the American Indians, the Latinos, the European Americans, the African Americas and the Asian Americans.  Enjoy this animoto video!


Spring Bulbs

On November 7, Green Club members took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather by planting bulbs. The small spring bulbs will naturalize and complement our prairie garden in the front of our school.

Halloween Goes Green

On Halloween morning the Green Club had fun with recycled crafts. We repurposed large ice cream containers which were donated by Homer’s Ice Cream. Students used recycled decorations to make fantastic Trick or Treat Buckets.

Hour of Code 2016

Students at Central School will be participating in the Hour of Code the week of December 5-9.

Math Unit 3

In this unit, students explore fraction equivalence and compare and order fractions using different representations. They then extend their understanding of fractions to decimals, comparing and ordering decimals using the same methods as for comparing fractions. Please be sure to look at the Family Letter as it explains the concepts in more depth, provides Do Anytime Activities, vocabulary definitions, and answers to the Home Link questions.

Choosing Books for Independent Reading Grades 5-8

Students in grades 5-8 are administered the Star Reading Assessment two times during the school year- September and February.  One of the purposes of the assessment is to identify your child’s Lexile level. A Lexile score is like a thermometer, except rather than measuring temperature, the Lexile Framework measures a text’s complexity and a reader’s skill level. Books can be found within your child’s lexile range at  Ask your child’s reading teacher for more details about your child’s lexile.


We had so much fun on Halloween!  There was the Halloween Parade, the Halloween Sing, the Halloween Party, and in between some Halloween math games.  Click on the “Gallery” tab for photos and even a video from Halloween!

Flower Model Project

Enjoy this Animoto made by Rex Paster!

Our Structure and Function Unit

We just finished our structure and function unit. The kids learned all about the structures of a plant and their functions. We culminated the unit with a hands on plant project completed at the West School innovation station. The kids had a lot of fun! A slide show will be shared with you later this week once all presentations are completed. All the students did a phenomenal job!

Click on the link to view our photos from the project.

Green Club Recycles Plastic

West School’s Trex recycling boxes were overflowing, so on October 17th, the Green Club got busy collecting and counting plastic bags. We also learned about bringing reusable bags when shopping to cut down on plastic bag use. Today we collected 9,600 bags! So far Mrs. Juozaitis’ class has recycled the most.  That’s a lot of plastic saved from the landfills. Go Green!

Green Club Gardens!

First thing in the morning on September 19th & September 26th, the Green Club was busy gardening. During the first meeting club members planted a fall crop of spinach in the new organic garden. Students planted native perennial grasses and flowers by the school entrance during our second meeting. We can’t wait to see our garden grow!

West’s Green Lunchroom

What are Green Guides? Green Guides are the name for our students that help with recycling and composting. Each week three 3rd grade and three 4th grade students are chosen to man our three recycling stations. All students learn to separate trash, compost and recyclable items on their lunch trays and deposit them in the correct containers.  Our student Green Guides help with this effort as students go through the station. Students bringing lunch from home are encouraged to pack lunches in reusable containers and lunch bags. The Green Guides also help bring the compost outside and put it in our collection of Green Cone Compositors. We hope students will develop lifelong green habits and practice them at home.

Plastic Bag Recycling

For the fifth year, West School has joined the Trex Plastic Bag Recycling Challenge. Students wil learn the importance of plastic recycling and keeping plastic out of the landfills. Plastic that is ordinarily not part of Glencoe’s recycle program will be collected in classrooms and the Lunch Room. The bags will be sent to the Trex company where they are made into building materials and home products. The school that collects the most bags will win a bench made out of the recycled plastic. We have won the Chicago area Challenge twice and second place twice!  What a great way to help the environment! Look at our video section to see what exactly what can be recycled and how Trex transforms the plastic.

Going Green around West

Check out the Green Corner in the front passageway to learn about all things Green at West School. In the Corner are recycling bins for batteries, printer cartridges, and plastic shopping bags. All classrooms are equipped with recycle bins, Plastic Bag Recycling boxes and “be nice use it twice” paper containers. These hold paper that is only used on one side. Students will use the other side and then recycle the paper in order to reduce our paper use and save trees. We look forward to our greenest year yet!

Westies - Join the Green Team!

The West School Green Club meets at 8:00 am on a Monday. Session 2 dates are 2/6, 3/13, 410, 4/24, 5/8 and 5/15.
The Green Team works to promote appreciation of the environment, to cultivate and implement ideas to reduce waste, and to encourage students to make good choices that help reduce the carbon footprint of West School. With the goal of developing awareness and understanding of the importance of recycling, the club members will participate in a number of projects. These projects tie into the 4th grade study of ecosystems and 3rd grade study of the prairie. The Glencoe PTO has generously funded this club. Questions? Contact Mrs. Salzman.

Animoto Video by Addie and Shabnam! 

Heller Nature Center Field Trip

On Wednesday, October 5th, we took our first field trip to Heller Nature Center.  We started off the morning getting dressed in bee suits before going in to observe the bees in their hives.  After that we headed inside to learn more about the honey bees.  We learned about the three types of honeybees; drone, worker, and queen.  We learned about the role of each bee.  Thank you very much to our parent volunteers: Stephanie Kohn, Aimee Gray, Stacia Cohen, Jamie Stein, Courtney Bloom, and Kim Streiter!

Math Unit 2

On Thursday, September 29th, your child will bring home the final Unit 1 Math assessment. Please be sure to sign the bottom of the cover letter and cut off on the dotted line so that I can see you received the packet of assessment scores. We will begin Unit 2 on Tuesday, upon our return from the four day weekend. The focus of the coming unit is multiplication and geometry. The students will learning about square number patterns, area formula for rectangles, multiples, prime and composition numbers, multiplicative comparisons, classifying triangles and quadrangles, and finding line symmetry.

Digital Citizenship

Tech Day! 

We earned a “Tech Day!”  So much fun!

Outdoor Perimeters! 

On Thursday, September 22nd, we headed outdoors to find the perimeters of rectangles around our school!

Animoto made by Rex Pastor

Internet Safety

Dear Parents,

During library class, your child participated in an Internet safety lesson. The topic for this session was keeping your personal information private and safe while online. 

Students have been taught to ask for permission from parents before giving out private information online.  Private information includes:       
      • Full name (first and last)        • Email address                  
      • Street address                   • Phone numbers                  
      • Name of school                 • Passwords                              
      • School address                   • Photos

Please visit the West School website and the new Internet safety web page to locate the Fall Internet Safety Newsletter for more information and resources.

Welcome to Ms. Meyer’s Website!! 

To see notes, videos and activities from class, please go to Google Classroom! 

Science Google Classroom

Click here

Math Google Classrooms

Period 2 Students

Click here.

Period 4 Students

Click Here

Heller Nature Center

What a great morning we had at the Heller Nature Center!  First we learned about bees and their jobs in the hive.  Then we went out and put on bee suits and had a chance to go in to the area where the hives are.  We all learned so much!


This week has been spent setting up routines and expectations for the Reader’s Workshop.  The students have been busy building up their reading stamina and are currently at 9 minutes!
Students have had mini lessons on choosing just right books, how to respond to books, why we abandon books, and thinking and talking about reading.  These are important skills to learn for when they are reading independently each day.

Go-To-School Night

Parents and students, our “Go-To-School Night” is Wednesday, September 6 at 6:30-7:30.  Please go to your child’s advisory classroom to start the evening.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Innovation Station

The South and West School Crawford Learning Center is proud to announce our newest learning space, The Innovation Station. This is a space to foster the 4Cs - collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication - as our students tinker with everyday items to solve challenges. Students will be introduced to the engineering design process that involves asking questions, imagining possible solutions, planning, creating and improving on a plan. The maker movement is all about teaching our children to think for themselves, to think creatively, and to look for innovative solutions.

Google Drive at South School

This year, our first and second grade students have Google Drive accounts. These web-based apps provide many ways to go paperless through sharing and collaboration options. Teachers are scheduling time with the CLC director and Tech Integration Specialist to introduce these tools. Student reviewed Internet safety, and learned the basic functions of Google Drive. We look forward to seeing how these tools grow at South School!

Third Grade News 9/16/16

This Tuesday, September 20 is our field trip to Heller Nature Center.  We will be leaving West at 9:00 a.m. and returning to school by 11:30 (in time for 3rd grade lunch).  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the outdoors (e.g. tall prairie grasses, mud, etc.) Long sleeves, long pants, and closed toe shoes and socks are required.  Feel free to send your child to school with a change of clothes for when we return to school.  Permission slips are going home today.

Please remind your child to log their reading minutes for the week by next Friday morning.  Third graders are expected to read at least 100 minutes a week.

We will begin our next math unit, Unit 2: Number Stories and Arrays on Monday, September 26.  For this unit (and subsequent units), students may have a different math teacher. Please refer to your child’s home folder as it will have his/her math teacher’s name and email address should you need to contact them.

Save the Dates!

October 20 - 21: PTO Scholastic Book Fair
October 21: West School Fair 5:30 - 7:00 pm
October 31: Halloween Parade at 2:00 pm

This Week’s TOP TEN REASONS Why it is Great to be in THIRD GRADE

1. Having our first lockdown drill
2. Celebrating Tenan’s Birthday
3. Picking a class pumpkin from the West School garden
4. Calculating how many hours of daylight we had on Wednesday
5. Working in our monthly journal
6. Learning about geography and reading maps in Social Studies
7. Meeting Poncho the tortoise
8. Estimating Sam’s cotton balls
9.  Finishing our first awesome read aloud, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
10. Enjoying the beautiful weather

It’s A Musical Year!

We are making music at West School!

Me Gusta

The Just Right App

Parents often ask how we choose apps for our school iPads. The App Store currently has 1.5 million apps to choose from! Many of these apps are focused on lower-level thinking skills. We search for apps that require problem solving and creative thinking. The first question teachers need to ask is not, “What apps do I use?”, but rather, “What is my learning goal?” Finding the app to support the learning goal helps teachers stay focused on learning.
We carefully research apps before making a purchase. One great place for educators to research an app is Graphite. Common Sense Media, in partnership with Bill Gates, launched Graphite, a free service that makes it easier for educators to find the best apps, games, websites, and digital curricula for their classrooms. Check it out!

Test for Website

This is a test story

Math Explorations

This week we are enjoying a variety of “explorations” during math. These include activities like tangrams, dominoes, base-10 blocks, Versatiles, and pattern blocks.  Just click on the “Gallery” tab to see the pics!

Classroom happenings:

We are currently working on Unit One. We have worked on using number grids, double digit subtraction with borrowing, time, elapsed time and open number lines.  We are aiming to finish and give the posttest for this unit the week of September 19. 

As I mentioned at Go To School Night, all third grade teachers kept his/her own homeroom students for math. We do this to make sure the kids are comfortable in the classroom and to reduce any anxiety of moving classrooms, meeting new teachers on top of learning new curriculum for the first month.  Moving forward, we will pretest for all remaining units. The children all take the same pretest. We score the pretest and put the children in classes grouped by similar abilities. No matter which classroom your child is in, s/he will be taught the third grade math curriculum. Some classes move a little faster and delve a little deeper, others are at grade level, and some spend more time securing the concepts.  The third grade teachers rotate and teach different levels throughout the year as an opportunity to meet all the third graders and expose your child to different teaching styles, as well.  This method has worked very well for the children and the team in the past and we look forward to our first switch for Unit 2.

We have gone out to the garden and selected our classroom pumpkin that was grown from seed and planted in the spring. We will have a scavenger hunt in the garden to better know what it there. We will be studying climate and weather as well. From weather and climate we begin our study of bees. We will take a fantastic field trip to Heller Nature Center on September 21.

Social Studies:
In September we will work on map skills and geography (think Cardinal Directions, Continents and Oceans).

We are currently working on identifying the Main Idea or Central Idea of a text in literacy. Specifically, we are addressing the following:
    - What is the main idea of the text?
    -  Find a phrase or sentence that describes or supports the main idea.
    - Discuss how the author describes or supports the main idea. Use evidence from the text.
We use many different length texts from different genres to hone this skill. In terms of writing, we are working on identifying what is a complete sentence and what is needed to write one. We are also learning about common and proper nouns, plural nouns, possessive nouns and pronouns. WOW! That is a lot! It is important to make sure the kids can write a solid sentence, as it is the foundation of which we build their writing skills.

I will send the podcasts using the app School Rush! The first one was sent last week. I hope you have all opted in. I will continue to send emails regarding any timely information or important dates you will need to know about as the calendar function is not working on my new website.

I hope your kids are enjoying the school year as much as I am! Thank you for your continued support at home.

Structure and Function

We have been very busy at school. Our class has been busy in the Organic Garden these past two weeks because we have started the science unit, Structure and Function. We planted carrot seeds on August 30th and have been watching them grow by recording their growth in our Science Journals. We have learning about the plant parts which include: stems, roots, sepals, filaments, sepal, ovary, ovule, petal, and pistil. Learning about the plant parts allowed us to transition to learning about how plants need animals and the process of pollination. We went outside and made observations in the pollinator section of the garden which supported students’ learning about pollination. It is so wonderful that we take literally take our learning outside and apply our new knowledge to the plants growing in the garden. We even got to pick a pumpkin from the garden and placed it in our classroom. Students got to see the flowers growing on the pumpkin vines which allowed us to review how a flowers can transform. We are so lucky!

VIsiting the garden

Today our class went out to the West School garden.  It was great to make observations and see what is growing.  We even voted on which pumpkin our class wanted and Dr. Rongey harvested it for us.  Take a look at the pictures and see the HUGE pumpkin we got!


Wow! The first full week of school really flew by. We’ve been busy getting to know each other, learning routines, and digging into the structure and function of flowers and fruit. We’ve literally been digging out in the garden as well! On August 26th we planted beet seeds in our class bed and have already begun to see sprouts. We cannot wait to continue to observe their growth and to taste them when they are fully mature!

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