Allergy Requirements

Hi parents!
Do you have a child with food allergies? Please read and review the following information for District 35’s annual requirements:

-Illinois State Allergy Action Plan-- This form is due on or before the first day of every school year. It needs to be signed by the parent/guardian and the child’s physician. This form gives us vital information on the treatment and care of your child’s allergy.

-YELLOW Individual Health Care Plan-
- This form should be reviewed and updated annually. This provides us with information on emergency contacts, other medical concerns, a brief medical history of your child’s allergy, etc.. This needs to be signed by the parent, school nurse, school administrator, and student’s teacher.

-BLUE Individual Health Care Plan—This form needs to be completed on or before the first day of every school year. This form specifies where you’d like your child’s emergency medication (ex. Epi-pen, Benadryl) kept, if you’d like for them to eat lunch at an allergen free eating area, whether or not you’d like to accompany on field trips, etc.. This form is to be signed by the parent, school nurse, principal, and student’s teacher.

IMPORTANT: We are unable to keep ANY medications without the physician’s signature on the ALLERGY ACTION PLAN. This includes all epinephrine auto-injectors, antihistamines, and asthma inhalers. We will immediately return any medications we receive without the signed Allergy Action Plan.

For more information on how District 35 manages student’s with allergies, please review the Parent/Student Handbook.

Thank you for helping us keep our District safe and healthy!